Monday, August 15, 2011

( First Day of Kindergarten! )

Hello August, late nights, early mornings ...... and Kindergarten!
Blogland took a little back seat this past month, mostly due to alot of family,
celebrations, birthdays and a little chaos of work.  But, I wouldn't dare let any
of that interfere with sharing these adorable pictures ....

I was sitting in our living room about three nights ago, thinking about the fact that
we now have two FIVE year olds ;) How did that happen? (don't worry, birthday
photos are coming up soon!) And it occurred to me that we would be going to the
first day of kindergarten on Monday.
I am so excited for Drew and Macey to be starting this new venture. They read
every book on the shelf, they count to 120 just for fun, they have become little sponges
and absorb every detail that you can teach them. I love watching them learn. And, this
new, exciting time is just the beginning ;)

... let's hope she didn't make that face during class today! ;)
So, here we are - in school!  Can you believe it?!  I'm looking forward to them
coming home every day and teaching us a few things.

Scrappy stuff and birthday party photos coming up!  xoxoxo


Lisa Dorsey said...

Such cutie pies! Hope their first day was fabulous!

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